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Cocktail Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, the horizon of 2024 Cocktail Innovations beckons, promising a blend of tradition and novelty. Nestled in the heart of Bethnal Green, Coupette is at the forefront of this spirited evolution, embodying the future of mixology trends with a touch of French elegance.

Q: Why don’t we use the term Mixology much? A: Well, honestly, we feel the term ‘Bartending’ describes what we do better!

Asian Flavours

The Latest Drink Trend in 2024 is painting the cocktail scene with a palette of Asian flavours. Ingredients like Yuzu, Matcha, and Sake are not just exotic whispers but a loud cheer for innovation at Coupette. Here, the East meets West in a dance of flavours, crafting Innovative Cocktail Creations that tell tales from distant shores.

Tea-Infused Cocktails

The humble tea leaf is brewing a storm in the cocktail cosmos. At Coupette, tea-infused cocktails could become the narrative where the robustness of black tea meets the subtle whispers of herbal blends, offering a sip that’s both comforting and exhilarating.


Calvados embodies the quintessence of Normandy's orchards in France, distilled into an exquisite brandy brimming with the essence of apples and pears. Its bouquet is a tapestry of fruit-forward scents, weaving through nuances from vibrant and zesty to deep and refined, with a hint of oak. You’ll find Calvados a lot at Coupette, and can check out our menu here.

Vegan Vibrance

The vegan wave is reshaping menus, and Coupette is riding it. Imagine a menu where plant-based ingredients are the stars, crafting vegan cocktails that are as kind to the palate as they are to the planet.

Perhaps try your luck with a Pinada at Coupette Bethnal Green, you won’t regret it.

Fermented Mixers

Fermentation is the buzzword and something we saw a lot during London Cocktail Week 2023 in the Trendsetting Spirits and Mixers narrative. Kombucha, Tepache, and Ginger Beer could be the stars of 2024, offering a blend of wellness and whimsy in every sip.

Sustainability in Sips

With sustainability being the toast of the town, Coupette, with our ethos of local sourcing, is crafting a narrative of ethical sips. Each cocktail is not just a drink but a step towards a greener planet. Draughts like our ‘Strawberry Champagne’ use special re-purposed Moet & Chandon Champagne, minimising waste and maximising flavour.

Additional 2024 Trends

From the ‘Sober Curious’ movement to tech-forward tipples, 2024 is stirring the cocktail culture with a promise of novelty. Coupette, with our spirit of innovation, is all geared up to offer patrons a taste of tomorrow, today.

Concluding Thoughts

The cocktail scene in 2024 is not just a turn of the calendar page, but a voyage into uncharted territories. From our famously wild and whacky Sunday development sessions to our guest shift takeovers, you can always find something new at Coupette.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the 2024 Cocktail Innovations. What flavours are you excited about? And as you muse over the Latest Drink Trends 2024, why not share your most memorable Coupette experiences? Here’s to stirring conversations, one cocktail story at a time.

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