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Stem proudly presents itself as the best in the market to help you build a healthy and successful business in the hospitality industry. What sets us apart is our grit to shape, what you have dreamt for your business. On a daily basis we are operating one of the best bars in the world in which we created a structure that can’t fail, as we place a time tested fail safe or check and balance mechanism - Creation and sustenance go hand in hand. All services will be customized based on your needs. The goal is to reach the finish line beaming with success and finesse.

About Us

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Team training & education
Concept Development
Seminars & Masterclass
Event Staffing
RTD Development (overview)

What can we help with?

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RTD Development

After developing our own brand which now withholds 3 SKU's we are more than qualified in helping you create a successful product. Cans or bottles. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic. We will take your idea and build it into a brand. Here’s what we can do

  • Liquid Development

  • Investment

  • Suppliers List

  • Licensing advise

  • Packaging & Labeling Costs

  • Branding

  • Manufacturing

  • Product Specification

  • Commercial growth

  • Retail & Wholesale Price Calculation

  • Trademark

  • Marketing

  • Lab tests (best before, brix, abv micro, nutritional)

  • Labeling & Bar Code.

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