After launching in June 2017, Coupette soon became known for its authenticity and unpretentious style. It has since gained an international reputation, winning the industry's top awards and accolades and has successfully retained its place in the 2019 'World's Best Bar' list as being 23rd world's best bar.

At Coupette we have always prioritised the result, using mostly classic French cooking techniques, each of our drinks are presented in beautiful classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery.

What We Do

Prioritising results over techniques, Coupette’s drinks are presented in beautiful classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery. Complex ideas and lengthy procedures take place behind the scenes rather than as showy garnishes, leaving Coupette’s guests free to explore the stories, flavours and nuances of the drink through the act of drinking it, rather than depending on elaborate serves and extended explanations. Having already proven to be a success as both a local bar and a world-renowned cocktail destination, Coupette is now looking to expand and bring its signature timeless style to other locations, both in London and internationally. Creating a new personality for each potential new site, Coupette will maintain its core values of serving exceptional drinks at a reasonable price.


Designed to be enjoyed without stuffiness or fuss, the drinks at Coupette are both deceptively simple and effortlessly complex. Each drink is meticulously considered, combining often intricate techniques with only a few quality ingredients to create something that is perfectly balanced, imaginatively evocative and thoroughly drinkable, time after time.

At the heart of the cocktails at Coupette is a celebration of quality, regional produce and lesser known spirits. From rare Calvados and local digestifs to eau de vies and vin jaune, Coupette champions those liquids that may have been forgotten over time or overlooked by mass trends. The spirits are complemented by bespoke reductions, home-made liqueurs and top-note additions like mandarin leaf, sage, smoke and edible clay. Serves are classic, with simple garnishes and contained within the finest glassware.

The bar’s award-winning cornerstone cocktails include Apples, made using Calvados and apple juice which has been pressed, filtered and carbonated, as well as the Champagne Pina Colada (Bacardi Blend, Agricole, Pineapple, Coconut and Moet & Chandon) which is a lighter and more refreshing interpretation of the classic.

The Work Place

At Coupette, each member of staff is still learning and there are no egos. And as the bartenders are always learning, we want the customers to also feel this sense of discovery.

We believe that it doesn’t matter how you make a drink, if the drink doesn’t taste exceptional, then it is not a good drink. We expect our staff to achieve high level results whilst creating a friendly and warm environment that dissipates any pre-conceived snobbery associated with cocktails and will encourgage guests to return to the bar again and again. We want the atmosphere to feel dynamic but relaxed, and to achieve that we will provide a supportive structure, where everyone will have their own role but work together as a team.

We also believe in personal development and will offer trips abroad with members of the team and training within the wider industry.